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OnForce Mobile

Helping OnForce Pros find, accept, and complete work is central to what we do at OnForce.

With the OnForce app for iPhone and Android, our goal is to save you time by increasing efficiency and enhancing collaboration with your key contacts. This means you can get your tasks done faster, stay productive, focus on serving customers, and be more competitive.

We started by designing an interface aimed at streamlining many of the critical-path processes that you must maneuver through every day:

  • Be always on: stay logged in at all times, and be one-touch away from important data. View new work orders with no more security CAPTCHA!
  • Check-in and check-out from a job site and call a contact in one seamless workflow
  • Get an end user signature on the OnForce work signoff document
  • View Accepted work orders and submit signatures while offline
  • Upload photos to work orders form your phone
  • Receive new work order updates via push notifications
  • Quick-dial contacts from a centralized work order contact list
  • Get directions using maps to a job site with one-touch
  • Access your most frequent tasks from an easy-to-use action menu
  • Get a complete view of document attachments

Download the iPhone app from Apple App Store.
Download the Android app from the Google Play store

OnForce WAP Site
Service pros can accept work orders and submit offers from their WAP-enabled mobile device and configure their mobile calendars to sync appointments from their OnForce calendar.

The OnForce mobile site is The menus on the WAP site are limited, but service pros can accept, place offers or reject work orders by logging in and choosing New Work Orders from the home menu. Additionally, service pros can set appointment times, check-in/out, add work order notes, and update sub-status for individual work orders.

The WAP site does NOT support the following:

  • Dynamic work order timer (to determine the remaining seconds on the timer, the service pro must refresh the work order screen before selecting Accept)
  • Work order clarification questions
  • Completing work orders for payment
  • Accepting of bundled work orders
  • Managing cancellations

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