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Work Order Cancellation

By accepting a work order, field service pros and buyers have entered into a contact to perform the services described. Buyers are generally fulfilling their own contractual obligations to deliver service when they route work orders through the platform. When a work order is accepted by a field service pro, the buyer feels confident that their customer will get the service as specified - and field service pros trust buyers uphold their end of the contract.  Cancellations can be disruptive for field service pros, buyers, the buyer’s customers.

Cancellation per Buyer
A buyer can request that an Accepted work order be cancelled or that the field service pro be unassigned from the work order. Field service pros must be in agreement with the cancellation or unassignment request.  Upon initiating a request, service pros are emailed and alerted in their Command Center.  Buyers are emailed and alerted in the Command Center when a field service pro accepts or rejects the request.

When a cancellation request has been accepted by the field service pro, the buyer is emailed and the work order is moved into Paid status.  When an unassignment request is accepted by the pro, the buyer is emailed and the work order can be re-routed or voided.  

Buyers and field service pros are able to rate any accepted work order. This means, that even if a work order is cancelled or unassigned, both parties are able to rate the other party.

Cancellation Fees
In accordance with the cancellation policy, a cancellation fee (minimum $30) is owed to the field service pro for cancellations within 24 hours to the scheduled appointment.  If the field service pro performed prep work, such as parts handling, document management, or training, a fee should also be considered and agreed upon by the field service pro.

If the buyer wishes to unassign the field service pro with less than 24 hours to the scheduled appointment, the buyer is advised to cancel the work order and pay the cancellation fee to the field service pro. 

The system uses the Appointment Set field to determine the time to appointment and whether to advise a $30 cancellation fee.  For work orders using an appointment time frame (also known as, an appointment window) and the Appointment Set field is not set, the system uses the beginning of the time range to advise the buyer to pay the $30 cancellation fee.

Administration fees (for field service pros without validated insurance) are not applied to the cancellation fee if there is no record in the work order of the field service pro having been physically to site.

Cancelling per Pro
In an emergency situation, service pros may cancel a work order.  If a field service pro cancels a work order, they are strongly encouraged to verbally notify the buyer.  Because cancellations are disruptive to the buyer and their customers, field service pro cancellations are subject to review by OnForce. Excessive unwarranted cancellations may lead to lower ratings; and therefore fewer work orders routed to that service pro.

Steps to Cancelling a Work Order
  1. From the Professional Command Center select Active Work Orders > Accepted tab, and select the work order ID.
  2. Select Cancel Work Order.
  3. Select the checkbox that verifies that you verbally contacted the buyer.
  4. Enter cancellation reason.
  5. Select Submit.

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